Utilizing a Web-based structural integrity management process Atkins is able to offer a comprehensive tool to operators around the world to manage the integrity of their offshore properties. The system is built around a comprehensive data warehouse of pertinent records required to manage offshore properties.

Owners and operators of offshore facilities face significant challenges associated with regulatory pressures that require more work to be done, as a result a need for development of formal integrity plans. Business drivers are demanding an improvement in integrity management to improve asset availability. These tasks demand that more data be integrated and assessed with fewer people in the industry to do the work. Atkins addresses all issues tied to developing a plan, integrating data and assessing results. Atkins has developed a comprehensive web-based Fleet Management System (FMS) for the assurance of asset integrity. Given the potential for major safety incidents and the requirement under current statutory regulations to demonstrate due diligence in the safe operation of properties, systematic planning and control of asset integrity throughout the life cycle is essential. In addition to enhanced safety, significant economic benefits can also be achieved by employing an asset integrity management approach, including:

Apart from meeting routine management requirements, FMS brings with it many additional benefits, from the instant on-site production of a printed inspection or survey reports, to the property, which can assist in the identification and investigation of trends. FMS will store the inspection, survey and work histories of every component of the structure, and can be applied from the start of new construction. Through an electronic link, component design parameters, for example, member sizes and materials, as well as corrosion and marine growth allowances can be directly imported. Similarly, criticality information in the form of member and joint strength results, including those of fatigue analysis can be entered into the system. Using the comprehensive database facilities, FMS can present a direct comparison of, say, weld defect distribution relative to the distribution of calculated fatigue lives, together with the weld procedure information. The telling correlations and patterns derived from this information will be useful tools in the diagnosis of technical irregularities and problems.

- Comprehensive archival and retrieval data warehouse, with detailed on-line reporting of inspection results, trends and property information.
- Optimized inspection and maintenance strategies, based on the consequence and likelihood of failure.
- Anomaly management.
- Data evaluation.
- Detailed workscopes for offshore activities.
- Real-time population of offshore inspection results.

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