FMS is an easy-to-use offshore property management system designed to provide life-cycle integrity management solutions. The system is available anywhere on the web through an intuitive, trouble-free interface and incorporates a suite of management tools that assist in managing asset integrity.

The FMS Data Warehouse provides a sophisticated archival and retrieval system. The tool allows the user to interrogate and display data relating to asset historical records, including drawings, inspection results, modifications, structural models and for Gulf of Mexico operators regulatory compliance (OSTS) reports.
The FMS Integrity Assurance provides a toolkit of technology assisted routines for ensuring asset fitness-for-purpose. Applications include the ISO tubular joint strength formulations, API Section 17 Wave-in-deck triggers, significant damage screening and Pipeline Free Span evaluation.
The FMS Optimized Inspection provides a Risk-Based approach to preparing optimized inspection strategies and programs that meet corporate HSE expectations and regulatory compliance. Combined with detailed inspection trend analysis and understanding of the likelihood/consequence of asset failure the inspection requirements are tailored to areas of susceptibility and known degradation.
The FMS Reuse Network provides an interactive tool for the selction of possible reuse condidates based on criteria tailored for individual requirements.